Monday, February 22, 2010

Tax preparation will wait. . .

. . .just a little bit more as I goof off on the computer once again, and add a benign North-West afternoon sky through Photoshop and Flickr to pump up the realism on this shot just a bit more. Sure, no ballast or ground cover, but so far, so good. And thanks to Ray P. for inspiring me once more to take it a bit further with his contribution from the morning "inbox."


Gary Laker said...

It doesn't take much 'imagineering' to add some ballast, a few weeds and a healthy dose of wheat-country-bug-guts-splatter to the front of that 620 Blair !
However I will be forced to put that guard 'on paper' to the District Superintendents Office, he hasn't moved since your last post! Obviously 'idling his time', a very serious departmental offence ! Although he may be awestruck by that shiny Holden!?

Ray P said...


Someone should tell God to turn off those fluorescent lights that are reflected on the top of the Holden.

Always a little something to catch us out ;-)

Looks nice though, I can see the final scene coming together.

Ray P

bobsilver35 said...

Trust Ray to pick out the light reflection