Thursday, July 8, 2010

Like Lay's Potato Chips. . .

Dunno if my Aussie readers are familar with the Lay's Potato Chip and its' ad campaign of many years ago, in which a snacker confessed that they were so good that "no one can eat just one!"

I'm thinking I'm that way about building rolling stock. I finish a few wagons, get the unmentionably messy workbench cleaned up. . .and then more arrive in the mail or just sort of "accidentally" fall off the shelf to work on.

So much for the vow to work on roadbed, points, laying track, etc.

My excuse: I'm waiting for more PC ties and rail to get back to track laying.

In the meantime, what's on the workbench:
  • two PRY/NPRY pneumatic cement hoppers from ARKits (delivered 1978-79, they're brand-new in the era I'm modeling. . .thus, I suppose they won't be too weathered);
  • AR Kits OCX 63' container flat;
  • Casula/Callipari OCY 63' container flat (traded Lance Lassen an unbuilt OCY for an AR Kits OCX).
The Cement hoppers will get the Keiran Ryan etched-brass ladders/roofwalk treatment as well as an attempt to improve on the "molded blob" brake components on the underframe.

The OCX/OCY is an interesting comparison between two nearly-identical pieces of equipment by different model manufacturers. And one is definitely better than the other.

But, photos and all that when I get 'em done.

Back to the workbench. And--can you imagine this?--there's live AFL premiership action via our ESPN2 satellite network between Richmond and Sydney Swans. If only I didn't get rid of that tube of Vegemite!


Towelly said...

G'day Bek,

Would love to see the PRX's once finished. I have completed two so far, trying to detail the undeframes. I still have blobs though. Like I said would love to know how you go about it.


(Stonequarry Creek)

Ray P said...


Re. Vegemite

You just have to get up the nerve to eat it.

Get some crackers preferably with holes through (Aussies know why), apply butter then a light smear of Vegemite and put another cracker on top then squeeze.

You now know why the holes, lick when no one is looking, something we learn as a child... ;-)


Mind you, my Dad doesn't like it either.

Ray P

Ray P said...


I just noticed that you said you had got rid of the Vegemite, so if you are game I can send you some more... ;-)

Ray P