Sunday, February 20, 2011

That Static Cling. . .

Thanks be to all who pointed me to the directions for the Grassinator or sent me instructions or PDF files of the actual Grassinator website pages. Seems the US supplier of the Ion Generator is selling these no more--no doubt some sort of "homeland security" concern. I'll try to source them from Australia, where apparently they're still available.

One More Photo?

Though during my era 44 Class weren't operated out to Wee Waa, I can't resist messing with reality just this one time to depict 4464 delivering a rake of shiny new WHX aluminum wheat hoppers to town, as the branchline goods waits patiently in the loop. The photographer was apparently riding in one of many colorful balloons in the yearly Wee Waa Hot Air Festival. Don't you believe it!


Colin said...

Nice, nice!

alco said...

Great looking models and modelling there. Realy catches the flavour of NSWGR. Keep up the effort.