Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Yeah, I'm Still Alive. . .

I know it's been a good long spell since I last updated this blog--but I don't feel too bad in comparison to some of the slackers whose blogs I regularly check--but just a quickie here to say that I'm still alive and while North of Narrabri has got a fine layer of dust upon it, it won't be long until I pick up the pace and get back into the layout room. A visitor from Canberra will be here in a bit over a week, so that's inspiration to get the layout room habitable and the railway operable.

Sometimes, life intervenes. Sometimes, interests wane a bit and you wait for the right inspiration to bring you back to them. I've been fortunate to be blessed with a great wife and two, er, interesting sons. I've also been fortunate--or maybe cursed--by being a guy with a good many interests. Unfortunately, these interests pull at my spare time. I've only got 24 hours in a day just like everyone else. I'm lucky that my job doesn't demand more than 40 of them each week.

I will allow that more of my time that I'd like to confess to has been squandered in front of a computer for the past several months (damn you Steve Jobs, for your iPad!). My photography interests--more often meaning the archiving, scanning and cataloging of over 30 years of railroad photography--has eaten up a bit of time. And after seven years in our home, Mary and I decided to dedicate the last half of the summer to fixing it up a bit, painting rooms, redecorating, getting some projects done that should've gotten attention awhile ago. All the while considering whether it' might be time to move to a new/old house. There ya go: another new hobby, that of mid-century architecture and furniture. Like I said, there's only so much time.

I'm aware than many of us of the train persuasion also enjoy other types of transportation--if it moves, I'm probably at least marginally interested in it. And I know a couple of you out there shut down the layout at night and squeeze in a little virtual flying. So for those who love the vintage war birds or just love aircraft, here's a photo from last weekend's airshow at Alliance Airport, about five miles from my house. Two of my favorite fighter jets did a "heritage" flight for the show, and here's Friday's practice trip, with a privately-owned F-86 Sabre Jet paring with a still-active U S Air Force F-4C Phantom wearing South East Asia camo. I don't think these two jets were active concurrently; but being as the F-86 dates from 1949 and the F-4 as early as 1958, I think you could still call these "steam era" jet aircraft!


Anonymous said...

Blair, In Australia the derivatives were in the air at the same time, although I can not see a photo of them airborne



Regards David

IainS said...

Actually the Australian version of the Sabre was home built with a Rolls Royce Avon jet engine and the RAAF only operated the E version of the Phantom for about two years in the early 1970s. So the exact same models didn't fly together.

But with a bit of modellers licence ...

Ray P said...


I am one of those who 'fly' occasionally, I have had an interest in planes since I was little. I used to go down the ned of the street from my great-grandmother's place at Tempe and stand on e wooden fence and watch planes on what was then Mascot Airport (now Syndey International).

Ray P

Jim Davis said...

Blair, I hear what you're saying; I have way too many distractions, um, interests that is, and more responsibilities than I'd like. Too bad we have to work to support our habits. Retirement can't come soon enough. If I didn't need health insurance for my family, I'd start looking for a part job tomorrow. -Jim