Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Freight Wagon Roster

4716 hauls the North-West Mail --a pair of RACE vans, an MLV and a TRC ahead of the passenger equipment--on Shane Murphy's US-prototype layout in Argyle, Texas. Shane's a great guy, and doesn't mind the invasion of Australian equipment on some running nights.

How many pieces of rolling stock does it take to operate your layout? How many do you have, and how many more do you need? Are the types needed adequately represented?

These are all questions the prototype-based modeler hasto ask themselves. Ultimately, I'm guessing around 170 freight wagons will be needed (not all on the layout at the same time, mind you) to fully operate a full timetable of trains. I try to keep a spreadsheet of what I have on hand, what I have completed to operating condition, and how many more I need of the major car types.

Here's my roster, broken down by major car types. The first number is the actual number of completed cars or as-yet-unbuilt kits in my possession; the second number how many I've yet to acquire; the third number is the total number of cars of each type ultimately needed.

Guard Van:10-0-10
Bogey Wheat Wagons:FWH & BWH: 21-0-21
Bogey Wheat Wagon/WTY: 12-4-16
Bogey Wheat Wagon:WHX: 17-0-17
Four Wheel Wheat Wagon:RU: 17-0-17
Bogey Fertilizer wagons: NPBF, NPLF: 4-0-4
Steel S-truck: 12-8-20
Steel K-truck: 2-0-2
KF flat: 3-0-3
Bogie Open Wagon:BDX/ELX: 7-0-7
Bogie Louvre Vans: LLV/GLX/MLV/VLCX: 16-0-16
Bogie Cattle Wagon: BCW: 8-8-16
Bogie Flat Wagons: 4-6-10
Bogie refrigerated wagon/ TRC: 2-0-2
Bogie Water Gin: 1-0-1
Cement wagons: 2-0-2
Fuel pots: 0-8-8

I'd be curious to see the ratios of cars other layout owners have.

Another 47 class on the empty stock train, also on Shane's layout.


Anonymous said...


Palease. Bogies run under Oz wagons, not the Bogey, which was one of them foreigners in an aircraft that was about to attack you.

Seriously though, shows the difference in lingo & terms are found in a lot of areas, including railways.

I did have a roster of wagons I have, but only add to them as they are built.

D 1 Ian Lyndsay
S 65
K 34
KF 8
RU 27
BWH 21
BCH 10
MLV 5 ARkits
MLV 3 IDR fishbelly
RTC 3 Austrains 4 wheelers
MHG 5 Trax converted but fate & future unknown
LHG 1 Ian Lyndsay

I watch with anticipation of what is to come out, I will be obtaining at least two of the 1950's style SDS Tolluch RTC's.

As I have no stock wagons I have need of a number of them. Once the layout is complete, or in primary running order I will have a better idea of future R/S needs.

Col Hussey

Blair Kooistra said...

Col, you're right--Bogies. It was very late and I was quite tired. But you'll love the wagons that run atop Lauren Bacall!!!

Craig w said...


You do not need the steel s wagons. They were gone mid 1950s so unless you are in the mood for a drastic era shift you need the type with wooden doors - a "composite" s wagon

Blair Kooistra said...

Oops--again, I plead "late hours." Yes, indeed, those are the composite S-wagons I have. I sold off the steel S-wagons!

James McInerney said...

See, I told you the Detail Police were watching... ;o)