Thursday, September 8, 2011

Railways at Work

Here's a cool little vintage movie 1964 John Gillies tipped me off to. Reminds me of something I'd have watched while a schoolboy! So, while I'm cleaning off the workbench to get back finishing a small fleet of BCW, enjoy railways in the golden age!


James McInerney said...

That really is a great old film Blair, showing our railways at a very good time in their history. Just think how much more interesting it would be if you moved your period back about 15 years... ;o)

Blair Kooistra said...

More interesting? Yeah! More expensive? Oh yeah! I don't want to give up the wheat hoppers and end up with more loco depot work with coal stages, ash pits, etc. At least I'm still on the tail end of a still-somewhat "classic" period, even though all infernal combustion. . .just think how deadly dull it'd be if I moved it up to 1993 or 1995!

Matt Sugerman said...

Way cool! The movie remids me of the education films we used to watch in elementary school.

I especailly like the "shunters" wearing shorts and no shirts!