Friday, May 24, 2013

The future is becoming apparent. . . .

Don't look for much in the way of new blog entries here in the next several months. It isn't going to happen.  

While at times I might have gotten consumed in this model railroad hobby, it's been important to me--especially in the past couple of years--to make sure that it remains a hobby. It can be too easy, when you're "borderline Aspergian" like myself (self-diagnosed), to feel compelled to write posts just to keep the blog current. Friends ask: "You haven't updated your blog lately. When will you do so?" All I can answer to that is that if I have nothing to write about, I won't scrape something together just to move the blog to the top of the "most recent" list.

As readers of this blog well know, there hasn't been any real progress to report on North of Narrabri in a long while yet. I've added rolling stock (those Tulloch tank cars from varied manufacturers sure look superb!). Even completed a few models. Added my first 48 Class (A Powerline? Yep! C'mon, Bob Cooke, get that Chinese factory to work making those models I paid for in 2009! I don't want to ask for my money back and turn it over to that crew in Victoria!). But other than that, really, nothing to write about.

All this means, though, that other portions of my life--my non-model railroading pursuits--have gotten more attention. Family matters have added a bit of priority (as they should); other areas of my railroad interests (dealing with a photo archive that goes back to 1974) have taken up more time. And I've added a couple other hobbies that have robbed from the modeling time.

What does it all mean to North of Narrabi? From a posting standpoint, nothing really, as I'll continue to post as the inspiration strikes.

What does it mean for the layout? I've pondered several tweaks to the layout concept, including, at either end of the spectrum, adding an Ardglen-inspired banker district and expansion of the layout (booting all other activities other than the layout out of the room) or scaling back the layout to a three-wall single-level shelf railroad concentrating on a branchline terminal to allow the construction of portable layout modules that would be suitable for inclusion in a Free-Mo modular environment. This would also allow me to refinish the layout room as part of readying the house for sale, should we decide to put the home on the market.

It's summer here in Texas, and Mary and I are busy right now working on landscaping the yard, something we've not though much about since moving into this place in 2004. I'd imagine that by fall we'll be ready to move inside, and at that time, will be making some hard decisions about the future of the layout.

But, be assured that while North Of Narrabri may well morph into a different model railway than it is today, it doesn't by any means mean the end of my modeling or interest in Australian railways!