Thursday, May 13, 2010

Here's the WHX's. . .

WHX 30515 sports faded NSWGR initials and a fresh patch with new car data applied.

So, that's done, anyway. The four AR Kits WHX's are now out of the paint and decaling process and have had some detail painting done; last steps are application of road grime and adding truck washers, etc., to get them to coupler height standards.

I'm very happy with how they turned out, despite early trepedation in getting started with this project. I don't think I'm going to want to go back and do the final six on the roster anytime soon, however. . .

The color, I thought, came out pretty good. No written-in-stone formula here, it's all a trial-and-error approach. This is what I mixed:
  • start with a base of Model Master Schwarzgrun RLM 70 Acrylic
  • add a bit of Polly S Grimy Black
  • lighten a bit with Polly S Undercoat Lt. Gray
  • add a dab of Polly S Rust
  • add any of the above to suit your taste
The final color under fluorescent light captures the slightly bronzy grey shade of highly-aged Aluminum metal.

After applying this base coat (which is now in a bottle marked "WHX Grey"), I gave a few very light, diluted wash sprays (highly thinned at low PSI) with the above Rust and Grimy Black. Afterwards, I drybrushed more rust to the car end platforms (where water tended to collect) and to the brake gear on these platforms. This will be toned down a bit with the final weathering.

In my many years of modeling, the finished result and sense of accomplishment in these four models are among my favorites (right up there with a near-scratchbuilt Great Northern outside post 50' boxcars from a few years ago). Doing something like this, while frustrating at time, really was a learning process as well as a motivator to continue further with my models. That in itself made it a great investment in hobby time.

A big tip of the hat to Kieran Ryan, whose etched-brass detail kit makes this car look that much better, and Andreas Keller, whose own WHX project served as a basis and inspiration for this one.

Now, nine days left to get a bunch of weathering of other rolling stock done!

Down-on view of the brake end of the WHX 30515. All that stuff on the car deck, while a real bitch to fabricate, sure looks nice, doesn't it?

And here's the ladder-end of the WHX 30664. I'd thought that Kieran Ryan ladder would be a beast to assemble, but it was one of the easiest parts of constructing this model!

A-end coupled to B-end. These will fit right in with the other high-end detail cars on the layout from Auscision, Train-O-Rama and Austrains.


Ray P said...


Very nice.

I know what you mean by enjoyable at the end but not when you are in the middle of the project.

Would a light dusting of a wheat dust colour over the top help?


B. Kooistra said...

Yep, wheat dust over the top. . .drizzled grime down the sides. . . a bit of road dust on the ends and on the underframe. Still a bit o'weathering to wrap it up on these.