Friday, April 8, 2011

Austrains WHX's losing their shine. . .

Before and after grain wagons. . .

Moved three of the Austrains WHXs out of the paint shop after appropriately weathering them and taking off that Fresh-from-Tulloch's gleam. This is all acrylics, with varied washes of india ink and alcohol. You'll notice I snipped the brake hangers off the bogies; perhaps the more accurate option would be replacement of the bogies all together, but I couldn't justify another $10/car when the modified bogey is "close enough." I understand many of these cars kept their modified trucks.

So, here's a group of "before" and "after" WHX's. The grain car fleet is getting prettybig these days!

If you're observant, you'll see a "Red Box/White R" logo on the car in the left background, an attempt at a bit of variety. I haven't seen any real pattern to which of these cars got the red box vs. the more prevalent white box.


Andrew Campbell said...

Yep, they look spot on to me. I will taking those tips on board.


Ray P said...


You certainly have a way with weathered aluminium.

Now if you can just tell me how to get the colour of those damn TRCs.


Colin 't Hart said...

Looking very good!

James McInerney said...

Nice one Blair! I'd like some more detail on how you acheived that weathered finish, whatever you are doing it is very effective!
Btw, the word verification on this was "aushiess" (Aussies), which is somewhat appropriate, I thought!