Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Running Night #2

Two-loco wheat meets the goods train shunting at Buggardine

A few photos from this weekend's running session, occasioned by the visit to our neck of the woods by modeler John Gillies of Canberra, in the states for a couple of months to take in a prototype modeling meet, the NMRA convention, and the Northern Pacific Historical Society convention. . . and see a lot of our great country en route. John's visit motivated at least three of us here in DFW to get some progress done on their layouts.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a shot of John operating!  But heres some other views.

Won't be much progress for a while now on the layout. Got a family vacation coming up and some photo work that needs to be done, but will take up in a bit with the start of ground covering and ballast.

Matt Sugerman, Camas Prairie modeler, photographs the 620/720 set coming out of the hills

620/720 arrives Buggardine

Buggardine goods shunts its train while the 620/720 waits at the station for departure

Matt Sugarcane brings the empty wheat down the 1:40 grade to Buggardine.


Unknown said...

Layout is looking great Blair.....wish I could say the same 😔

Matt Sugerman said...

Hey, who is Matt Sugarcane? 😊

railmod said...

Layout is taking shape nicely Blair.

web lol said...

kul post

Unknown said...

Well, it sure looked nice while you were able to go at it.

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